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Problem Statement

The Levoyage moving company is a startup launched last year which targets major cities of UAE. They approached EvolveByte to increase their brand awareness & get moving leads mainly from Google ads. Their services include home relocation, moving furniture, shifting office equipment, boxes as well as packing service. Initially, the generated profit was zero because of no traffic & zero leads. Thus, EvolveByte joined them as their long-term advertising partner.

Executing the strategy


Levoyage moving company was targeting major cities of UAE including Dubai & Abu Dhabi where already 300+ successful moving companies are working for last 10+ years. The market was too much saturated to scale a new moving business in a short time.

Their competitors were having 20-30+ domain authority with average 20,000+ monthly traffic whereas Levoyage had zero monthly traffic, no social media presence & no backlinks. It was extremely challenging to establish a new brand from scratch in such a saturated market. Initially, they were also CRM issues, few other technical issues & immense number of fraud clicks on their PPC ads.


Our team analyzed their business strengths, vulnerablities & made a thorough competitor analysis. We focused on their competitor's gaps, highlighted Levoyage's unique features & focused on their strengths.

We offered them thorough consultation for optimizing their website in order to have a better quality score & conversion rate. Later on, we defined best keyword strategy, campaign optimization, bidding strategy as well as maximum input to get them maximum results from Google ads campaigns.

EvolveByte ensured that they're having:
1- 100% converting keyword strategy
2- Excellent ads campaign strength
3- High quality score & ad relevance
4- Optimized landing page

To monitor continuous progress, we set few KPIs for their company including:
1- Monthly website traffic
2- Average time onsite
3- Ads Impressions
4- Monthly conversions
5- Quality score
6- CPC(Cost per click)
7- CTR(Click through-rate)

Within first week, they started getting leads from PPC ads with minimum CPC & excellent CTR. After a week their results got improve getting them consistent leads on daily basis. Their website traffic went from zero to 10,000+ each month resulting in maximum leads, 4%+ CTR & excellent quality score.

The Results


Monthly Website Traffic


Avg. OnSite Time


CPC (Cost per click)


CTR (Click through-rate)

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Sweet Words From Our Clients!

” The best investment we’ve made so far. They made rapid turn around, highlighted our strengths and weaknesses. In a short time, their marketing strategy and SEO services started showing us clear results. “



Co-Founder, Floral N5

” They brought a great output and stayed consistent throughout the workflow. This is not the first time we collaborated with EvolveByte for SEO & content marketing. Everytime they prove to be quick, transparent and more efficient. “




” We certainly got the best branding strategy we could ever have. It enhanced our overall revenue and we started getting more loyal customers. The team focused on maximizing our ROI with many data-driven strategies & unmatched support. “



Project Manager, MPH Club

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