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Problem Statement

The is a worldwide famous hairs blog launched targeting London, USA, UK & Australia. On early days they were getting merely 200+ sessions per month from both social media & search engines. The profit generated with Google adsense was extremely low due to less search traffic. The target was to reach at least 5000+ sessions/Month & increase social media traffic by 30%. Thus, they approached EvolveByte as their SEO & Content Marketing Partner.

Executing the strategy


The was targeting an immense number of audience from different countries. Their social media presence was too low to generate traffic from social media as well as they were having no backlinks.

They were missing the most crucial aspect for ranking their website on Google which was on-page SEO & backlinks. Before approaching EvolveByte they were getting 200+ page sessions from both Google and social media. The main challenge was to increase their page sessions, traffic & decrease bounce rate in a short time when they were having no backlinks & no social media presence.


EvolveByte team made a thorough competitor analysis & defined the best SEO & Content Marketing strategy for them. We completed their website audit & ensured that they're having a high website speed with no errors or broken links.

Initially we focused on:
1- Creating best keyword strategy
2- Optimizing website with on-page SEO
3- Publishing regular SEO-Optimized blog posts
4- Improving social media presence
5- Building strong backlinks

To ensure the company’s content marketing strategy is on track, we have set key performance indicators (KPIs) for their brand. These include:
1- Page views/Sessions
2- Average time onsite
3- Social media traffic
4- Search engine traffic
5- bounce rate
6- backlinks

After implementing our execution plan, there was visible growth within 50 days which led them to have more page sessions, increased on-page time, strong backlinks & low bounce rate. This traffic growth resulted in generating $2000+ revenue from Google adsense & other ads networks. We're still working with where they're getting better results & revenue each month with 100% satisfaction.

The Results


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Sweet Words From Our Clients!

” The best investment we’ve made so far. They made rapid turn around, highlighted our strengths and weaknesses. In a short time, their marketing strategy and SEO services started showing us clear results. “



Co-Founder, Floral N5

” They brought a great output and stayed consistent throughout the workflow. This is not the first time we collaborated with EvolveByte for SEO & content marketing. Everytime they prove to be quick, transparent and more efficient. “




” We certainly got the best branding strategy we could ever have. It enhanced our overall revenue and we started getting more loyal customers. The team focused on maximizing our ROI with many data-driven strategies & unmatched support. “



Project Manager, MPH Club

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